Pre-Configured Hyperconverged Appliance

Another approach to deploying hyperconverged solutions is to acquire the entire solution as an all-in-one, pre-configured appliance. This approach minimizes the time and effort spent by your IT department and delivers a fully supported solution from one of our appliance partners - Cisco and Lenovo. By working with one of our partners and pre-configuring the appliance to your exact needs, deployment time will be faster, over-provisioning will be eliminated and the entire solution will be supported by a single vendor.

All-in-one appliance removes complexity

By acquiring the complete solution in one form factor the deployment process is streamlined and time to production reduced. The main integration is completed by your selected partner, which minimizes the work required by your IT staff.

Pre-configuration eliminates over-provisioning

Unlike off-the-shelf hyperconverged appliances, with StorMagic and one of our server partners you never have to buy more compute or storage than is needed. The off-the-shelf approach typically forces you to deploy either too much CPU power or storage for your needs - wasting precious IT budget dollars. With StorMagic and our server partners, we will help you analyze your precise IO and storage requirements and pre-configure the appropriate system. The end result - you spend less money now and can grow more economically in the future.

Fully supported from one vendor

A large benefit of the appliance acquisition approach is that all support for the solution comes from your server vendor of choice. This reduces support complexity for your team and provides an additional comfort-level that any problems will be discovered and addressed in a timely manner.

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Picking the kids up from school in a Ferrari? No? So why overspend on hyperconverged infrastructure?

SvSAN with Cisco

Utilize UCS E, C or S Series servers or the UCS Mini

SvSAN with Lenovo

Available with x3250, x3550 and x3650 servers

Partnerships with leading server vendors

StorMagic partners with two of the industry’s best server vendors to deliver a hyperconverged appliance: Cisco and Lenovo. Off-the-shelf solutions from both companies are available pre-installed with StorMagic SvSAN to deliver a complete hyperconverged solution immediately. Match your requirements with the necessary hardware - both Cisco and Lenovo offer a range of product options to fit your environment and performance needs.

But the flexibility of SvSAN means you're not limited to running on hardware from these two vendors. The software is fully compatible with all major server suppliers including Huawei, HPE and Dell.