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Travel light with lightweight high availability

Simple hyperconverged storage for the Travel and Tourism sectors

Airports are required to manage automated software and large volumes of data on-site, and in many cases must adhere service-level agreements (SLAs). Maintaining high availability in this kind of environment by traditional methods can cause costs to skyrocket.

Tour operators, hotels and resorts may not require such complex infrastructure, but operating from remote sites carries the risk of outages and disruption. Minimizing downtime is critical for business, customer satisfaction and reputation.

StorMagic SvSAN is a 2-node virtual SAN (vSAN) that lets transportation hubs, hotels, resorts and tour operators run applications with ease and provides 100% uptime at the edge, where data is generated. It removes single points of failure, minimizing both planned and unplanned downtime, at the lowest cost-per-site on the market. This makes it the perfect hyperconverged storage solution to keep your data available and your facilities up and running. All you need are two x86 servers at each desired location, with very light server hardware and networking requirements.

“During system testing and automatic reboots, SvSAN recovers and starts synchronizing immediately, and in just 20 minutes, everything is fully fault tolerant again with no manual intervention. We’ve experienced 100% system uptime for six years and counting. We’re saving time, energy and costs with SvSAN.”

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Virtualizing data storage and applications at airports all over the world

Hear from Aaron Laskowski, Lead Engineer and Architect for Infrastructure at SITA, as he shares his experience with StorMagic SvSAN – how it addressed the problems his organization was facing, and why he would recommend StorMagic to others.

Why SvSAN for Travel and Tourism?

Data generated at the airport, hotel or resort must be captured and protected at its source and be available when needed. The best way to achieve this is with highly available hyperconverged storage solutions deployed where the data is generated. The best hyperconverged storage solution for the travel and tourism sectors is StorMagic SvSAN, which provides 100% uptime at low cost. SvSAN is:

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