Commvault Certifies StorMagic SvKMS as a Third-Party Encryption Key Management Solution

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We are excited to announce that SvKMS is now officially certified as a third-party encryption key management solution for Commvault encrypted backups.

Commvault is a data management company that specializes in backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, retention, and compliance. Nowadays, there is an increased need to protect data that exists in disparate environments — from the edge, datacenter and cloud. In response to this growing need, Commvault has developed encryption capabilities in their data backup product and enabled customers to use third-party key management systems that adhere to the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP).

StorMagic SvKMS is not only a leading KMIP enabled solution, but has also been officially certified in Commvault’s third-party key management program. Commvault users can enable a third-party key management server through the Commvault management console, where storage and provisioning of keys are centralized in SvKMS. This not only allows Commvault users to take advantage of the powerful data-at-rest encryption available in Commvault encrypted backups, but also lets them follow the encryption best practice of separating the digital lock from the digital key. Storing encryption keys away from the encrypted data adds an extra layer of security for IT professionals that want to deploy strong data protection. For additional key management best practices, download a copy of our white paper.

Utilizing SvKMS to manage encryption keys for Commvault backups also enables users to take advantage of the robust and flexible encryption key management functionality of SvKMS. SvKMS’s capabilities extend to encryption use cases across storage, to databases, and any application that uses encryption to protect data. Ultimately, for organizations using Commvault, SvKMS offers easy integration and a fully compliant key management solution.

For more information on how SvKMS integrates with Commvault solutions, visit our Commvault integration page and access our comprehensive integration guide and other accompanying resources.

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