Could SvSAN save you from disaster?

Published On: 14th September 2018//1.8 min read//

Storm season is upon us. Hurricanes cause around $400 mil in damage and kill around 70 people on average, in the United States, every year. Thousands of businesses are affected, with many experiencing downtime and power outages that lasts days and weeks, and some SMEs are taking years to get back on track – many just go out of business.

Just as prevention is better than cure, mitigation is better than experiencing prolonged downtime, while you wait for your insurance company to pay out so that you can completely fix your IT system. You need to take steps to protect your infrastructure from disaster, by deploying fully redundant, highly available, storage and hyperconverged systems..

StorMagic SvSAN enables highly available, hyperconverged infrastructure through the use of shared storage, across two or more nodes. Specifically designed to maintain uptime in harsh edge and remote branch environments, SvSAN is perfect for protecting your business from the damaging effects of the coming months.

SvSAN achieves this in two ways. First, through its stretch cluster feature which enables individual nodes within a cluster to be separated in different rooms, buildings or even entire cities from each other. Consequently, a localized disaster such as fire, or a flooded office no longer results in lengthy downtime as all applications failover to the remaining node(s) in the cluster which are safe and sound elsewhere.

Secondly, SvSAN’s extremely lightweight witness ensures that an offline node does not impact availability and prevents instances of split-brain occuring. By maintaining the cluster and the mirror state, data loss is avoided and applications and data remain online and safe from corruption. When disaster-impacted nodes are brought back online, the witness enables a swift recovery period allowing normal service to be resumed as soon as possible.

Make sure you’re following best practices when designing a highly available storage infrastructure by using the guidelines set out in our Building a Highly Available SvSAN Configuration white paper. Furthermore, reach out to the StorMagic team directly by emailing [email protected] who will be glad to provide advice and assistance in making sure you’re ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

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