Enable High Availability So You Can Focus on Your Retail Infrastructure Development

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Running business-critical applications at the edge can be challenging

StorMagic understands the challenges of running business-critical applications at the edge – especially for large regional or national retail organizations with many locations and no IT resources at the store level.

So how do you achieve affordable application uptime, shared storage, high availability and reliability while eliminating the need for physical storage networks at your retail stores?

For infrastructure management teams, implementing network storage in-store ensures availability of business applications. This can be very expensive, and with budgets to stick to it’s an option that lies beyond the realms of possibility for many systems engineers.

SvSAN: ideal for remote sites

StorMagic’s SvSAN is ideal for remote sites because of the following:

  • Simple to use and manage.
  • Significantly reduced capital costs
  • Automated, fast and easy deployment over dozens, hundreds and thousands of remote sites
  • vSphere integration providing single pane of glass management across all remote sites
  • Low ongoing operational costs
  • Small footprint
  • Hardware independence
  • Excellent application performance
  • True 2 server High Availability (HA) without local quorum server requirement

Find out more about SvSAN here, or learn how StorMagic has helped business around the world by checking out our case study archive.

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