Giant Eagle

Jeff Moore | Senior Manager Enterprise Server “Giant Eagle selected StorMagic’s three-node configuration for increased resiliency and availability to deliver a superior end user experience while providing a highly secure platform. The SvKMS key management solution has provided additional integration within the StorMagic platform and provides the encryption we require to keep our customers’ critical data secure.” CASE STUDY

Dindas Australia

Simon Darwent | IT Manager “The StorMagic SvSAN product has served us really well for the last few years. It has been bulletproof.”


Manuel Diemer | IT System Administrator “The implemented concept covers our requirements excellently and the implementation with the partners was optimal. In particular, the fact that we can also do justice to our basic ecological concept is of course an additional plus point.” CASE STUDY

Autohaus Gruppe Seitz

Max Berndt | Head of IT “The new solution had us excited right from the beginning! The installation went smoothly, and the system can comfortably meet our requirements. Performance was essential for us. We cannot afford to spend half a day waiting for data imports. With the new solution the speed has increased enormously and positive feedback from our users confirm [...]

Sheetz Inc.

Scott Robertson | Universal Endpoint Unit Manager “The StorMagic support team was top-notch and helped us plan out the deployment procedures and deal with any minor issues that popped up. They have been fantastic partners throughout this entire journey.” CASE STUDY

Black Friday: A Survival Guide for Small Retailers

There's a lot of talk about consumer spending on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday -- and rightly so! On Friday, November 26th, and Monday, November 29th, 2021, millions of shoppers from all over the world will flock to physical stores or online to find some of the best shopping deals of the year. Last year, Black Friday online shopping saw [...]

Infographic: Giant Eagle with StorMagic SvSAN and SvKMS

Keeping a retail organization’s instore applications online is critical to ensure shops remain open, but it is even more paramount for pharmacy systems and patient data. Giant Eagle, one of the United States’ largest food retailers needed a solution to eliminate downtime and keep their instore pharmacies operational and their data secure. The infographic below details how Giant Eagle turned [...]

Implementing IT Systems within Pharmacies: Challenges, Requirements, and More

Everyone has made a trip to the pharmacy at some point in their lives. But have you ever stopped to think about the technologies pharmacies utilize and how much data they’re generating, sharing, and storing on a daily basis? There are many steps that go into the process of getting the right medication into the hands of the right patient, [...]

Ecommerce Merchants: Stay Resilient in the Face of Downtime and Cyber Threats

Ecommerce has become a critical pillar of the global economy. Prior to the current pandemic, 2 billion people were buying from over 7 million online businesses according to etailinsights. As COVID-19 has progressed, brick-and-mortar businesses around the globe have adopted many new precautions and regulations to keep their customers safe. This includes transitioning to primarily, if not exclusively, selling their [...]

Infographic: Talking Shop with StorMagic

SvSAN provides the most simple and lightweight virtual SAN solution on the market, significantly reducing costs per site. This makes it the perfect storage infrastructure solution for retailers of all sizes. Find out why Sheetz Inc., Autohaus Gruppe Seitz and allnatura chose to deploy SvSAN in their stores. Read more about SvSAN for Retail, or browse our complete library of [...]

Infographic: SvSAN for Large Retailers

SvSAN provides the most simple and lightweight virtual SAN solution on the market, significantly reducing costs per site. This makes it the perfect storage infrastructure solution for large retailers who have hundreds or thousands of individual store locations. Find out why a leading US home improvement retailer and a European supermarket chain both chose to deploy SvSAN in all of [...]

StorMagic SvSAN: A Proven Storage Solution for Retail

Retail businesses around the globe are faced with several common challenges when it comes to managing IT. While these challenges are common within retail environments, they are unique in comparison with other industries, and require specialized solutions to address them. Some of these challenges are: Minimal Space: Retail stores often have limited rack and floor space allotted for IT equipment, [...]

SvSAN for Retail – Software-defined storage built for branch sites

A proven storage solution in the retail industry For retailers, on-site storage infrastructure can be complicated and expensive. Nationwide retail chains suffer from spiralling costs and complexity as solutions are deployed across hundreds or even thousands of stores. Retail SMEs may have lower store counts, but face their own difficulties with limited budgets and resources. StorMagic SvSAN provides the [...]

3 Factors Prompting Retail Stores To Modernize Their In-Store IT

For modern retailers, managing a growing brand is no simple task. While their main goals may be to produce quality products, provide excellent customer service, and work towards growing profits, several other key factors are coming into play as technology advances. Maintaining an online presence through things like social media, virtual shopping, and digital advertising, is now equally as defining [...]

Hyperconverged IT for Remote Locations

A webinar for the retail and hospitality sectors Deploying and supporting traditional infrastructure for remote offices, retail stores, and hospitality sites can be challenging. Virtualization and high availability can prove complex and costly, often leaving the IT team no choice but to cut corners and send valuable IT resources into the field with short notice. It doesn’t have to [...]