Meet Security and Regulatory Requirements with SvKMS and Nutanix Encryption

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As technologies produce new means of creating, using, and benefiting from vast data stores, they also confront new security risks and regulatory requirements — especially for sensitive data.

Nutanix is a cloud computing company, leading the market in hyperconverged infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage. Nutanix’s software delivers a full infrastructure stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking, and security, to power applications at scale. For added security, particularly in highly regulated industries, Nutanix also provides the option of using self-encrypting drives (SEDs), installed in Nutanix’s HCI appliance, to encrypt data-at-rest. These drives consistently protect data, make the data inaccessible in the event of node or drive theft, and provide the ability to securely destroy all data on the drives.

Nutanix provides a cutting-edge option for cloud-based enterprises, enabling data-at-rest encryption for Nutanix clusters. To enable SEDs, Nutanix customers should use an external key manager, so that encryption and key management roles are separated. To meet these regulatory and operational needs, Nutanix has established a partnership with StorMagic.

StorMagic SvKMS is a pioneering encryption key management platform with FIPS 140-2 compliance. It provides storage and management functionality for the encryption keys generated on Nutanix SEDs, with the capability of scaling to large enterprise needs.

By providing a fully compliant KMIP solution with cutting-edge key lifecycle management, SvKMS can seamlessly communicate with Nutanix’s software. SvKMS offers easy-to-setup and use administrative controls and an advanced high availability architecture, that ensures redundancy across any environment. This approach overcomes older, fragmented key management systems, by bringing trust and control to encryption key management. It provides a centralized key manager that delivers flexibility, simplicity, and advanced functionality to its users.

By simplifying key management processes and providing cutting edge integration capacities, SvKMS makes Nutanix encryption fully compliant and easy to manage. To learn more about the partnership between StorMagic and Nutanix, and to access our step-by-step integration guide, visit the dedicated integration page here.

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