StorMagic SvSAN: A Proven Storage Solution for Retail

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Retail businesses around the globe are faced with several common challenges when it comes to managing IT. While these challenges are common within retail environments, they are unique in comparison with other industries, and require specialized solutions to address them.

Some of these challenges are:

  • Minimal Space: Retail stores often have limited rack and floor space allotted for IT equipment, as they need to allocate the majority of their space towards showcasing / storing their merchandise.
  • Limited Budgets: Particularly if store counts are high, retail organizations are looking to save as much as they can when it comes to IT resources. As their number of locations grows, so then does the amount of costly, IT equipment they have to buy per site.
  • Multiple Sites: Managing complex IT infrastructures for 100’s to 1000’s of store locations can be incredibly complicated and require specialist IT support.
  • Downtime: Uptime is critical within retail environments, to ensure stores stay open and businesses maintain customer loyalty, brand equity, and employee productivity.

Why SvSAN for Retail?

StorMagic SvSAN is ideally suited to meet the needs of many different types of retail environments, including fashion, furniture, restaurants, automotive, healthcare, home improvement, electronics, supermarkets, and more.

SvSAN is a lightweight, software-only solution that runs on any server, with any storage combination. It’s simple to install and manage, without the assistance of onsite IT support, and provides 100% uptime and high availability to all in-store applications. It’s also incredibly affordable, requiring only two physical servers per location, making it the absolute lowest cost way to manage and store retail data.

Retail Customer Testimonials

StorMagic understands the challenges faced by retail organizations and its solutions are designed to address their specific pain points. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are a couple things our customers in the retail industry have had to say about working with StorMagic:

“The StorMagic support team was top-notch and helped us plan out the deployment procedures and deal with any minor issues that popped up. They have been fantastic partners throughout this entire journey.” – Scott Robertson, Universal Endpoint Unit Manager, Sheetz Inc.

“The new solution had us excited right from the beginning! The installation went smoothly, and the system can comfortably meet our requirements. Performance was essential for us. We cannot afford to spend half a day waiting for data imports. With the new solution the speed has increased enormously and positive feedback from our users confirm this.” – Max Berndt, Head of IT, Autohaus Gruppe Seitz

“The implemented concept covers our requirements excellently and the implementation with the partners was optimal. In particular, the fact that we can also do justice to our basic ecological concept is of course an additional plus point.” – Manuel Diemer, IT System Administrator, allnatura

Additional Retail Resources

Discover more about StorMagic’s virtual SAN solution, SvSAN, and why it’s the perfect fit for retailers in the resources below:

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