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Business Challenge

Having been designed to be highly available, allnatura’s server infrastructure at its primary datacenter suffered from a single point of failure. The weak point was a dependency on a single, shared central memory. Consequently the company began looking for a new solution that would mirror data and therefore dramatically increase resiliency.


allnatura used exone and its integration partner NEWERKLA to develop a strategy for high availability that leveraged StorMagic SvSAN, and two identical servers. SvSAN uses the underlying internal storage of the two servers, ensuring that virtual machines and storage are mirrored and highly available.

Why StorMagic

The reliable, resilient solution protects allnatura’s data, eliminating the threat of downtime, while StorMagic’s licensing model allows additional compute and storage capacities to be increased without additional cost or disruption. This allows allnatura to upgrade their basic two node cluster easily and affordably, permitting them the flexibility to carry out the upgrades when needed and without impacting business performance.

Technical Configuration

SvSAN License SvSAN 12TB Gold
Servers Two SuperMicro Servers
Memory 32GB memory per Server
Disks 2x 12TB SSD Storage
Network 10 Gb iSCSI Networking
Hypervisor VMware vSphere Hypervisor
Applications Databases, ERP and Production Applications

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