What’s Stopping You? The Top 3 Misplaced Concerns in Deploying HCI

Published On: 8th November 2017//2.4 min read//

Where scalability and ease of deployment are key requirements of storage infrastructure for most distributed organizations, hyper-converged infrastructure models are enjoying a lot of attention from technology evaluators. Research from the likes of ESG and TechTarget’s Storage Market Landscape Study concur that adoption of these integrated computing platforms (ICP) is already high and that a significant number of IT professionals are planning to adopt ICP in the next 24 months.

So everyone’s deploying HCI? Who’s concerned and what are their concerns?

Plans to adopt are very different to already adopted and deployed. Studies also show that a considerable number have no plans to adopt or are undecided (23% of respondents to an ESG survey). For some of these organizations, HCI just doesn’t suit their needs and workloads. Yet for many, study responses highlighted a number of shared concerns about HCI solutions wedded in some commonly held, yet mistaken beliefs.

1) HCI solutions are too expensive

Initially HCI solutions were, perhaps inadvertently, targeted towards organizations with big budgets. Many of the vendors in the market were used to selling large data center and enterprise products, their HCI solutions fitting neatly alongside those products.

These solutions were out of reach for SMEs. Many Independent Storage Vendors (ISVs) have come into the market from a different angle identifying that SMEs and distributed enterprise have unique IT challenges and are inhibited by cost.

2) HCI solutions mean vendor lock-in

Until recently, embracing a HCI solution from most vendors meant accepting some element of lock-in whether that be hardware and virtualization adoption through EMC VCE or hypervisor adoption with Nutanix solutions. ISVs in particular have sought to challenge this consensus by working in partnership with multiple vendors and the preferences of IT professionals.

3) HCI solutions mean single vendor dependency

It’s true that many solutions consolidating storage, compute, networking and virtualization come under a single umbrella. This can strain existing vendor relationships and could cause difficulties should your single vendor relationship turn sour at a later date, due to falling performance, cost increases for future deployments or any other issue. Yet there are vendors that have a more co-operative approach to building HCI solutions, able to adapt to your needs and existing vendor relationships.

How StorMagic tackles HCI concerns

StorMagic was founded with a vision of managing storage infrastructure through software, in a simple, cost effective and flexible manner. As such we have developed strong relationships with hardware vendors, enabling us to work with customers’ existing preferred vendors and to develop HCI solutions for different infrastructure requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about SvSAN – StorMagic’s virtual SAN solution – you can access our product overview by clicking here. Ready to dive right in? You can now download a free 10 day trial of SvSAN and get started today!

If you’d like to learn more about how SvSAN can help your business achieve its storage goals, why not check out our HCI-related white paper?

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