StorMagic SvSAN with Commvault Solution Brief

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Edge Data Protection with HPE, StorMagic, and Commvault

HPE Complete provides ultimate protection for the edge. Protect workloads on and off the edge with StorMagic SvSAN and Commvault Backup and Recovery.

Challenges at the edge

The enterprise IT landscape is going through a digital transformation, as it shifts from single-purpose data center designs to new technologies that deliver agility, scalability, and greater efficiency for protecting data at the edge. Enterprises require a complete data protection solution for the edge that is reliable, flexible, and easy to use.

HPE, Commvault, and StorMagic provide a unique solution where edge workloads can be protected while maintaining the performance, processing, and minimal footprint required on the edge.

Protection at the edge

StorMagic SvSAN is a virtual SAN—a software-defined solution designed to run on two or more servers and deliver highly available shared storage. StorMagic SvSAN can improve upon modern HPE server platforms by including data protection features such as software RAID and synchronous mirroring. To protect against data center-wide power outages, fires, and other isolated disasters, StorMagic SvSAN can be configured as a stretch metro cluster for high availability. Using SvSAN, you can seamlessly migrate volumes to help ensure workloads remain available through these risky maintenance cycles and planned upgrades.

Download the SvSAN with Commvault solution brief:

StorMagic SvSAN with Commvault Solution Brief

The StorMagic SvSAN feature set is provided by a single, centralized management interface while having minimal hardware requirements. The two-server solution can be deployed on a wide variety of HPE server platforms including both HPE Edgeline and HPE ProLiant families per the HPE solution sizing guide.

Edge-to-core and edge-to-cloud workload protection

Commvault Backup and Recovery provides powerful backup, verifiable recovery, and cost-efficient cloud workload mobility, helping to ensure data availability, even across multiple clouds.

Commvault’s Backup & Recovery software delivers enterprise-grade protection and recovery of virtual machines, containers, databases, applications, cloud, endpoints and files. Commvault allows you to manage backed-up data and workloads efficiently and reliably, both on-premises and in any public cloud. Commvault helps ensure business continuity and verifiable recoverability across cloud and on-prem environments with Commvault Disaster Recovery, delivering replication, disaster recovery, and compliance reporting from a single extensible platform.

Protect the edge with HPE, StorMagic, and Commvault

StorMagic SvSAN is designed to protect the edge with advanced data protection features and simple-to-use tools, automation, and management. Commvault’s data protection, backup, long-term retention, and cloud data management capabilities enable data mobility and availability from the edge to core or edge to cloud with recovery-point objectives (RPOs) of seconds and rapid recovery-time objectives (RTOs).

HPE, StorMagic, and Commvault provide a software solution that can replicate workloads on the edge, back to core, or to the cloud while restoring to any infrastructure and provide superior protection for business operations at the edge. Whether you want to protect edge to edge, edge to core, or edge to cloud, HPE, StorMagic, and Commvault can protect your edge workloads now and into the future.

HPE complete benefits

  • Completeness – Enables the acquisition and simplifies the integration of best-in-class third-party products that complement and complete HPE solutions. Through Hewlett Packard Enterprise, customers obtain a complete solution, which delivers their desired outcome.
  • Confidence – The HPE Complete offerings have been through the HPE Complete Assured compatibility and interoperability validation process, which helps ensure solutions work in the HPE ecosystem at the time of deployment and into the future. The HPE Complete engineering creates and maintains product integration and sizing guides and defines hardware configurations specifically for use with third-party solutions.
  • Convenience – The convenience of acquiring complete solutions on one purchase order with options for delivery within HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform solutions. Additionally, custom automation and orchestration tools for simplified third-party software integration with our native IT management software such as HPE InfoSight and HPE OneView are also available.

Download the SvSAN with Commvault solution brief:


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