Infographic: German manufacturing

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StorMagic SvSAN is trusted by many manufacturers in Germany to keep production lines running and factories operational. Our German manufacturing infographic below explains why three of them chose SvSAN.

A highly available virtual SAN product such as SvSAN ensures manufacturing facilities do not suffer from crippling periods of downtime that interrupt production flows and processes and ultimately impact revenue. Robot control and monitoring, building automation, forklift telemetry, and video surveillance are all examples of onsite applications that might require local storage and data processing. SvSAN provides the reliable, robust infrastructure for such workloads, using just two standard x86 servers per high availability cluster.

In addition to the three examples in the infographic below, read through more of our manufacturing virtual SAN case studies such as Ontex BVBA, Keiser Corp, CAE S.p.A and Rommelsbacher. For more information on how StorMagic SvSAN can support your organization in the manufacturing space, refer to our manufacturing solutions page.


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