Andreas Pirner | IT Manager “Migrating existing environments can often present challenges and introduce new risks to organizations of any size. However, with StorMagic, we were thrilled to be able to conduct and complete our installation with zero interruptions, downtime or restrictions for our employees. With StorMagic, we have eliminated any single point of failure and experienced 100 percent uptime, [...]

TDK Europe

Timo Hauke | IT Director “With SvSAN, TDK offices are now running continuously and productivity has significantly increased for salespeople and the IT team that supports them.” CASE STUDY


David Tourny | Responsible for IT “As the sole IT support resource for the Eeklo factory, it is my responsibility to ensure we have real-time failover so that production is never interrupted. StorMagic SvSAN gives me this confidence. We have 23 production lines that need to remain operational day and night. If anything should go wrong and a robot stops [...]

Keiser Corporation

Gus Gustafson | Information Systems Manager “The primary benefit of StorMagic SvSAN is redundant storage and physical space between the servers. We have a very large factory and the servers are in opposite corners of the building – rather than housed in one room, which would be a disaster if there was a fire or an accident.” CASE STUDY

Hermann Bantleon

Alexander Bunk | CIO “Once it became clear that StorMagic SvSAN offers exactly the functionality we needed, Thomas-Krenn really caught our attention as we moved into the offer phase. This is what high availability and hyperconvergence should be like: uncomplicated installation and maintenance, available when needed and otherwise running reliably and quietly in the background.” CASE STUDY

Fitesa Germany

Dirk Mueller | IT Manager “StorMagic SvSAN makes life much easier; we are achieving 100% continuous uptime which is mandatory for our 24x7x365 live production environment. Fitesa instantly integrated simplicity and removed complexities with StorMagic’s highly available, easy to manage and affordable virtual SAN.” CASE STUDY


Fabio Prosperi | Systems Information Manager “Our StorMagic SvSAN cluster was deployed and fully operational in less than two hours. We are able to remotely manage the entire system, which is a major improvement and time saver over traditional, physical SAN cluster management. CAE is saving space, money and time: we eliminated four rack units, reduced power supply requirements by [...]

Artrok S.L.

Juan Pablo Mena | Jefe de Producción “We have a number of security applications and needed a solution that could maintain high levels of uptime. We’re very positive about StorMagic SvSAN. It runs well and we’ve had no problems since deployment.”

Adam Equipment

Barry Nelson | I.T. Manager “Previously we had a Dell Physical SAN but when our support ran out we looked at other options. We looked at other virtual SAN solutions, but unlike the others StorMagic SvSAN ticked all our boxes: low support cost, low outlay cost and reliability. When contacting support during setup they helped us out straight away. We’re [...]

Infographic: German manufacturing

StorMagic SvSAN is trusted by many manufacturers in Germany to keep production lines running and factories operational. Our German manufacturing infographic below explains why three of them chose SvSAN. A highly available virtual SAN product such as SvSAN ensures manufacturing facilities do not suffer from crippling periods of downtime that interrupt production flows and processes and ultimately impact revenue. Robot [...]

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