Infographic: Giant Eagle with StorMagic SvSAN and SvKMS

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Keeping a retail organization’s instore applications online is critical to ensure shops remain open, but it is even more paramount for pharmacy systems and patient data. Giant Eagle, one of the United States’ largest food retailers needed a solution to eliminate downtime and keep their instore pharmacies operational and their data secure. The infographic below details how Giant Eagle turned to StorMagic, leveraging the SvSAN virtual SAN solution in a 3 node configuration as well as its encryption features alongside SvKMS encryption key management software.

Read more about Giant Eagle’s success with StorMagic in the case study and accompanying video, and explore additional examples of StorMagic’s effectiveness in the retail industry with our other retail themed infographics: SvSAN for Large Retailers and Talking Shop with StorMagic. Furthermore, download the SvSAN for Retail brochure for even greater detail and insight into why SvSAN is a proven storage solution for the retail industry.


Giant Eagle chooses StorMagic SvSAN & SvKMS

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