Infographic: StorMagic SvSAN with HPE Servers and Systems

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StorMagic SvSAN is a software-defined virtual SAN that is hardware agnostic – it can be installed on any x86 server. On top of this exceptional flexibility, StorMagic has developed partnerships with leading server vendors, including HPE, to provide end users and partners with simple, easy to obtain solutions that bundle hardware and software together. This SvSAN with HPE infographic details the HPE server models that SvSAN has been validated on from the ProLiant and Edgeline product lines.

SvSAN is a virtualized storage solution that has been specifically designed for edge computing. As such, the infographic shows commonly deployed HPE servers with SvSAN, with the Edgeline models especially suited to the challenges of edge environments.

For more detail on StorMagic’s partnership with HPE, and how joint solutions can be built, visit the HPE partner page. To understand how SvSAN works with each product line, beyond the SvSAN with HPE infographic below, refer to the corresponding ProLiant solution brief and Edgeline solution brief.

SvSAN with HPE Infographic

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