SvSAN with Cisco

High performance hyperconverged solutions enabled by SvSAN

Achieve the most cost-effective, highly-available solution in a 2-server hyperconverged architecture using SvSAN to unleash the power of Cisco's best-in-class servers

StorMagic has worked closely with Cisco, which has fully tested and endorsed SvSAN for its UCS, E-Series and C-Series Servers.

StorMagic’s agreement with Cisco enables Cisco customers to purchase UCS servers with SvSAN globally as a fully integrated and supported solution. For Cisco C-Series and E-Series Servers, SvSAN is available from Cisco's and StorMagic's distribution networks.

Combining the leading software-defined storage solution, SvSAN, with the latest in server technology from Cisco servers, allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to deploy a cost-effective compute infrastructure that remains highly-available.


“StorMagic SvSAN is an important part of Cisco’s UCS solutions portfolio that helps us address use cases for enterprise remote or branch offices for our customers”

Siva Sivakumar | Director UCS Solutions, Computing Systems Platform Group | Cisco


UCS E-Series + StorMagic SvSAN

  • Small IT footprint environments with networking requirements
  • An H/A blade cluster integrated with a powerful Cisco branch router

Small footprint with the power of Cisco networking

  • Up to 3 drive bays per server
  • SATA, SAS and SSD compatible
  • Wide range of CPU support
  • Up to 96GB DDR
  • Up to 2 x Internal & 2 x External 1Gb
  • 1 x PCIe expansion slot

Possible application areas

  • Hospitality
  • Process control
  • IoT

Example 1

Global hotel chain needed low-cost high availability to support reservation and electronic room key systems in each property

Example 2

Luxembourg Findel international airport needed high-availability systems to support their aircraft taxiing system


UCS C-Series + StorMagic SvSAN

  • Low cost HA for large-scale, distributed infrastructure
  • Select models to meet low to high end storage and IOP requirements
  • A two-server H/A cluster that delivers enterprise-class remote management capabilities across hundreds or thousands
    of remote sites

Scale for your needs

  • Choose from 8, 24 and 64 drive bays per server
  • SATA, SAS and SSD compatible
  • Wide range of CPU support
  • Up to 1.5TB DDR4
  • 2 x 1Gb on board
  • Up to 6 x PCIe expansion slots

Possible application areas

  • Retail & Back Office
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Government & Healthcare


Example 1

German army (Bundeswehr) achieved high availability using two C220s in a hardened chassis to support mobile battlefield communications

Example 2

Fortune 250 department store chain needed high-availability to support real-time inventory control, in-store marketing, pricing and POS applications


UCS Mini + StorMagic SvSAN

  • Datacenter in a box for ROBO
  • Single addressable storage pool across multiple nodes
  • Makes internal disks of UCS Mini available for applications and data

Data center in a box

  • Up to 8 blades per box
  • 2 x SATA, SAS or SSD disks per blade
  • Up to 2 x Processors per blade
  • Up to 1.5TB DDR4 per blade

Possible application areas

  • State, provincial & city government offices
  • Regional professional services offices
  • Non profit services organizations

Example 1

Non-profit services organization needed a data-center-in-a-box solution for regional offices so they could continue to operate autonomously through disasters

Example 2

Professional services company needed easy-to-maintain, high-performance servers and storage to support VDI and small database applications at regional offices


“The combination of SvSAN 6 and Cisco UCS is well suited for customers seeking enterprise-class resiliency, strong performance and lower costs.”

Siva Sivakumar | Director UCS Solutions, Computing Systems Platform Group | Cisco

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“We needed a cost-effective solution with data replication features, allowing us to access and share critical data at all times... We found StorMagic SvSAN a good solution with an attractive price.”

Antoine Lagarde | Senior IT Technician | Centre Hospitalier Pierre Oudot

“Previously we had a Dell physical SAN, but when our support ran out we looked at other options... StorMagic SvSAN ticked all our boxes: low support cost, low outlay cost and reliability.”

Barry Nelson | I.T. Manager | Adam Equipment Company 

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