Embedded Devices

Embed SvKMS where it’s needed most

Switches, network cards, IoT devices and more

StorMagic delivers a unified approach to key storage with its pioneering encryption key management platform. With its ability to integrate with complex and resource-constrained environments, SvKMS can centrally store, manage and consolidate encryption key management functions across multiple hardware platforms, such as switches, network interface cards and IoT devices.

The last line of defense for IoT

Many IoT devices operate without human monitoring, allowing hackers nearly unlimited time to locate and exploit vulnerabilities. Thousands of devices, with a constant stream of additional devices being added, are in constant communication with one another, exposing sensitive data.

Due to its ability to achieve massive scale, small footprint and low cost, SvKMS provides an ideal key management solution for IoT environments. It can support a huge amount of additional connections without any extra cost and can scale up quickly and easily as more devices are added.

HSM-level security without the cost

Traditional Hardware Security Module (HSM) solutions are prone to network latency issues and can be expensive to deploy. HSMs are hard to scale up and customers must often rely on obsolete technology to implement their hardware solution. OEM appliances require encryption to protect critical data, and existing HSMs and software solutions are not designed for this environment.

Embedding SvKMS into a hardware device provides all the benefits of an HSM without the accompanying overhead.

StorMagic SvKMS Data Sheet

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