This ESG Lab Review documents hands-on testing of StorMagic SvSAN 5.3 with a focus on the simple and flexible deployment and management capabilities for distributed organizations with a large number of remote locations.

High availability and hybrid SSD caching performance were also tested, with a goal of understanding the value StorMagic SvSAN can provide when compared with traditional storage solutions for distributed environments.

The Challenges

Today’s competitive landscape demands high levels of application and data availability across the enterprise. But providing for “always on” productivity, especially in a distributed enterprise with multiple remote locations, is not an easy task. The additional hardware and management required are not only expensive, but they also complicate the IT landscape. Most organizations are looking for ways to deliver what the business needs without the additional costs and headaches.

Learn how SvSAN, the most cost-effective virtual SAN for lean IT environments, allows you to maintain critical application uptime while eliminating physical SANs and reducing both server and software spend.