SvKMS 2.5: Latest Update Delivers Extended Support for Encryption Integrations

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We are excited to announce that a new version of SvKMS, StorMagic’s enterprise encryption key management solution, is now available — SvKMS 2.5.

SvKMS 2.5 encompasses several expanded encryption integrations for on-prem, IaaS, and SaaS applications. This latest update provides new support for the Google Cloud External Key Management (EKM) Program, Azure Key Vault Managed HSM BYOK, Salesforce Shield, and BitLocker.

Learn more about each of these new integrations below.

  • Google Cloud: The Google Cloud External Key Management (EKM) program enables Google Cloud customers to use keys that they manage within a supported external key manager. With this new update, SvKMS is now capable of acting as that external key manager, and delivers benefits like key provenance, access control and centralized key management, to Google Cloud users.
  • Microsoft Azure: Azure Key Vault Managed HSM BYOK is a new method that allows Azure customers to utilize any supported on-premises HSMs to generate keys and import them into Key Vault, and enables secure transfer of HSM-protected keys to Key Vault HSM. SvKMS can now act as an independent key management system that integrates with third party HSMs, thanks to this new integration.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce Shield is a set of security tools for use with Salesforce applications. As part of Salesforce Shield, users can enable encryption and manage their own encryption keys, or BYOK (Bring Your Own Key). SvKMS is now capable of being used to manage encryption keys within Salesforce Shield.
  • BitLocker: SvKMS can now be used to protect backup keys, generated through BitLocker, a built-in encryption feature for Windows. BitLocker provides full volume software encryption, and helps protect against unauthorized data access. By utilizing SvKMS with BitLocker, administrators are able to better protect their backup keys and easily encrypt Windows machines within their organization.

In addition, SvKMS 2.5 adds integration support for the Thales Luna 7.0 HSM appliance, a widely used HSM across the market, joining existing compatibilities with Utimaco and nCipher HSMs to enable HSM extension. It also delivers an updated administrative dashboard for MSPs, through our StorMagic MSP Program. This new dashboard provides both aggregate and individual data on how MSP’s customers are utilizing their KMS service (i.e. number of keys in use, assigned tenancies, last login time / date).

To learn more about the new features and capabilities now available with SvKMS version 2.5, read our press announcement and visit our security integration pages for Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and BitLocker. You can also learn more about the update in our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, November 18 — register here.

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