Encryption key management that adapts to any environment

StorMagic SvKMS integrates with any encryption environment or workflow, whether at the edge, on-premises, or in the cloud. Through its use of the KMIP standardbring-your-own-key (BYOK) and a RESTful API, flexibility is always present in SvKMS. See our list of integrations and compatible software below for more details.

Each integration is accompanied by an in-depth PDF integration guide. The guides are all available within the SvKMS product manual, or can be downloaded separately on each integration page, via the links below.

The list of integrations with SvKMS is always growing. Don’t see your encryption workload in this list? Contact us – it may already be in our product roadmap, and if not, we’d love to discuss the opportunity to add compatibility with new software too.

StorMagic SvKMS Integrations

There are a huge range of integrations and software compatible with StorMagic SvKMS, detailed below. Click on a logo to read more about an integration and download the dedicated integration guide.

Amazon AWS Logo

AWS EC2 and S3

Support for external key management using BYOK

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Azure Key Vault Managed HSM

SvKMS can be used as an interface between Key Vault and third party HSMs

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Azure Storage

Support for external key management using BYOK

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Use SvKMS to provide external, secure AES key protection for encryption and decryption of Windows drives

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Commvault logo


SvKMS is a Commvault-certified key manager and uses KMIP to protect Commvault software encryption keys stored in a CommServe database

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Google Cloud EKM

Use SvKMS as an external key manager to protect data in Google Cloud, giving greater control than BYOK

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SvKMS can create a centralized key store when using DB2 native encryption

IBM Informix

Use KMIP for third party key management for storage space encryption (dbspaces, blobspaces, and smart blobspaces)


SvKMS acts as a centralized key store for MariaDB native encryption, via the REST API


Enables data-at-rest encryption through storage-based symmetric key encryption, via KMIP

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Use SvKMS as a centralized key store for MySQL encryption, via KMIP


SvKMS can act as a key management server for volume encryption, via KMIP

Nutanix Prism

Enables the use of self encrypting drives (SEDs), via KMIP integration

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Salesforce logo

Salesforce Shield

Protect encrypted Salesforce data by using SvKMS as a key manager with BYOK

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Veritas NetBackup

SvKMS can act as the key management server for Veritas Netbackup encryption, via KMIP

VMware vSphere and vSAN

Enables vSphere VM encryption, via KMIP integration

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ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions

Simple-to-deploy and highly scalable PCIe-based Hardware Security Module

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Further reading

Find out how SvKMS integrates into so many environments and workflows in our data sheet.

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