ARQvault: Taller De Ventas

Hacerlo sencillo no es suficiente, con nuestra estrategia de #ForeverData llevamos las soluciones de video vigilancia al siguiente nivel. Ofreciendo la solución de mayor valor en el mercado. StorMagic ha desarrollado la solución ARQvault, con esto en mente. Para poder brindar una solución que ayuda a generar analítica y metadata en tiempo real, que ayuda a crear políticas inteligentes de [...]

How to Overcome the High Cost and Pressure of Surveillance Video Retention

Organizations with surveillance video systems are facing a dilemma: the cost of surveillance video retention is increasing rapidly due to the continual rise in camera counts and the higher quality of video and audio files being produced. Video lifecycle management is also becoming more confusing due to the constantly shifting landscape for compliance laws and minimum retention times. Companies are [...]

No Retain, No Gain – Surveillance Video Retention

Surveillance video retention considerations and approaches to optimize use and spend Video retention has become a large concern recently. Many companies and agencies find themselves having to adhere to specific retention requirements, whether a legal or a business requirement. Currently, it is not uncommon for retention periods for entities in many U.S. states to reach two years for litigation [...]

StorMagic ARQvault VMS Solution Brief

Video at and from the edge is significant. Keep it actionable with StorMagic ARQvault VMS. Surveillance video helps keep an eye on and control things. How do you keep an eye on and control your video? StorMagic ARQvault VMS is the most cost-effective way to use and retain surveillance video. It keeps all video active and significantly reduces costs [...]

ARQvault VMS Data Sheet

The StorMagic ARQvault Video Surveillance solution (ARQvault VMS) is the most cost-effective way to use and retain surveillance video. It keeps all video active, no matter its location or age, and significantly reduces costs with automated tiered storage. Fig 01: ARQvault Video Surveillance solution architecture Download the ARQvault VMS data sheet: Download [...]

A Look Into StorMagic’s Crystal Ball: 2022 Predictions for Edge, Video, Security and More

As another year comes to a close, the folks at StorMagic have been spending some time reflecting on the past year and contemplating what IT trends and transformations they expect to see in 2022. Here are some of the technology predictions our experts anticipate for the year ahead: Advancements to Technology: Year over year, technology continues to evolve, and 2022 [...]

Don’t Make a Quantum Leap, Pivot to StorMagic

Quantum Corporation Acquires Pivot3 Earlier this year, Quantum announced that it was acquiring the video surveillance portfolio and assets of Pivot3, a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and video surveillance solutions vendor. Under Quantum’s ownership, Pivot3’s video surveillance technology was adopted and renamed to Quantum VS-HCI Series. While the acquisition may have offered some reassurance to former Pivot3 customers, who were aware [...]

StorMagic Acquires SoleraTec Technology and Launches ARQvault, the First Active Intelligent Repository

Have you heard the big news? StorMagic has acquired the assets of SoleraTec, a video and digital asset management software company, and launched a new solution, StorMagic ARQvault.This announcement marks an important milestone in StorMagic’s history, as we’ve released a new product completely unlike any other solution we’ve developed before and entered an entirely new market. We look forward to [...]

Watch Your Assets with ARQvault Video Surveillance Solutions

These days, video surveillance is everywhere – retail stores, parking lots, warehouses, manufacturing sites, hospitals, government facilities, airports, train stations, corporate campuses, schools, stadiums, and more. The term “video surveillance” often conjures something serious and nefarious, which can sometimes be the case. But what it typically equates to is watching out for your assets -- physical (i.e. property and equipment) [...]

Infographic: ARQvault VMS Video Surveillance Solution

StorMagic ARQvault is the perfect answer for organizations looking to implement a video surveillance solution that simplifies the management and storage of video files, making it easy and fast to capture, store and find footage, regardless of where it’s stored and how old it might be. The ARQvault Video Surveillance infographic below provides an at-a-glance overview of how ARQvault delivers [...]

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