Industrial IoT: From Monitoring Things to Monitoring a Process

Industrial IoT is a natural extension of historical process control systems. In the past, each machine or system had its own monitoring and alerting function, to signal when conditions were out of tolerances for that particular machine. To monitor a process across multiple stages, however, often required the person responsible for process control and quality […]


Storage Magazine review – StorMagic SvSAN

This Storage Magazine review documents the findings of hands-on testing of StorMagic SvSAN 5.2 within a Microsoft Hyper-V® environment and standard Dell PowerEdge servers. Storage Magazine also highlights SvSAN 5.2’s support for Microsoft’s System Centre Operations…


SvSAN delivers competitive advantage for SafeKick’s oil rig monitoring software

To support its real-time oil rig operations product, SafeKick needs storage with tremendous reliability, scalability, performance and failover capability. The company decided to pair its services with SvSAN, and SafeKick now is poised for success because of the unparalleled value the combined solution offers the market.