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Quantum Corporation Acquires Pivot3

Earlier this year, Quantum announced that it was acquiring the video surveillance portfolio and assets of Pivot3, a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and video surveillance solutions vendor. Under Quantum’s ownership, Pivot3’s video surveillance technology was adopted and renamed to Quantum VS-HCI Series.

While the acquisition may have offered some reassurance to former Pivot3 customers, who were aware of the company’s growing financial struggles, it also raised some concerns around the fate of the surveillance solutions they’ve come to depend on.

Modern Enterprise Video Surveillance

According to Mordor Intelligence, the global video surveillance system market is expected to reach over $90 billion by 2026. Video surveillance is being adopted across a variety of industries — from transportation, to retail, to banking, and manufacturing — and organizations are creating and storing more video than ever, due to higher resolutions, having more cameras in more places, and evolving retention and compliance regulations.

Businesses are not only creating more video, but also using it in different ways. Nowadays, surveillance video is not only a tool to have “in case something bad happens,” but also utilized for insight and analysis.

These new changes are prompting organizations to seek out video surveillance solutions that not only capture, store, and archive video, but also deliver advanced features and functionality.

StorMagic ARQvault Video Surveillance Solution 

StorMagic understands the concerns that Pivot3 / Quantum customers may be experiencing during these changing times, and seeks to offer guidance to customers that may be considering transitioning to a new solution.

Our ARQvault Video Surveillance solution enables businesses to capture video anywhere, store it forever, find it fast, and reduce storage costs by at least 50% versus other solutions. It provides a full-featured live view and massively scalable video wall, is easy to use and manage, and is secure and always available. Only ARQvault automatically moves video to different tiers of storage and keeps all video instantly accessible as an active part of the solution. The solution utilizes metadata extensively to make videos quickly searchable, and provides insights and associations for additional business value.

ARQvault is flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of different environments, and is a great option for edge computing organizations. Combined with StorMagic SvSAN, ARQvault provides edge organizations a more flexible and robust way to deploy and manage video surveillance, and delivers genuine high availability.

Interested in Learning More? 

StorMagic has published a new report on our website, authored by analyst firm DCIG’s President and Founder, Jerome Wendt. In this exclusive report, Jerome provides detailed insight and analysis on the differences and similarities between StorMagic ARQvault and Quantum VS-HCI Series.

Click here to download a free copy of the report and learn more about Quantum’s acquisition of Pivot3, why StorMagic ARQvault is a viable alternative for Pivot3 users, and what Jerome believes to be the best strategy for modern enterprise video surveillance.

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