Don’t Miss Out, Resellers: Edge Spending On The Rise

Published On: 19th February 2018//2.9 min read//

Edge IT spending is on the rise

If you have focused your IT solutions and services only on meeting data center requirements, you could be missing out on tremendous opportunities in edge, remote and branch office (ROBO) IT.

Despite all the excitement around applications as a service and moving services to “a cloud,” many organization’s annual spending on edge computing has been increasing over the last several years.

The good news is that resellers won’t have to visit all of the remote locations in order to capture valuable  opportunities in the ROBO. ROBO infrastructure purchasing decisions are often centralized at headquarters – so for most resellers, it will not be a big and long-winded challenge to identify those responsible for ROBO IT.

Application performance and user experience

While ROBO IT spending is increasing, some organizations are looking to migrate some applications to a SaaS solution or to a cloud service.  Which applications move to the cloud or to SaaS providers depends, in part, on application performance. One often cited reason is that better application performance and overall user experience remains one of the top reasons why organizations continue to “keep business applications and/or IT services deployed locally at ROBO locations.”

Partial adoption of cloud and SaaS drives need for lean ROBO IT

The migration of some, but not all, business applications to cloud and SaaS solutions increases the demand to reduce the hardware footprint and IT staffing at the remote office and branch office. Many organizations are constantly looking to reduce on-premises IT infrastructure at ROBO locations. Solutions that reduce device count and consolidate on-premises infrastructure are key to these efforts. Integration with remote monitoring and management tools is key to reducing the headcount requirements.

Demand for improved application availability

Improving application availability for end-users is often a top IT priority for supporting ROBO locations. When on-premises applications are deployed on a high-availability infrastructure, application and operating system maintenance can often occur non-disruptively and can be managed from a central location.

In addition, hardware maintenance and repairs can often be delivered without incurring downtime or the high cost of emergency services, since the applications fail over automatically to a surviving server.

SvSAN: the solution you’ve been searching for?

Regardless of whether organizations are migrating some applications to the core data center, a cloud solution or to a SaaS provider, they are likely to continue to maintain some business-critical applications on premises for performance, availability, or data governance and compliance reasons. The fewer the number of business-critical applications on site, the more likely the organization will need a lean infrastructure to support those applications.

StorMagic’s SvSAN, is a virtual SAN enables a lean infrastructure at the edge. Unlike some solutions, it enables a high availability infrastructure with only two on-premises devices. Others often require three to achieve the same risk free highly available environment. In supporting a lean infrastructure SvSAN makes the proven benefits of virtualization technology available to cost sensitive remote office and branch office locations. Although data stays local, tens to thousands of virtual environments can be managed easily from a central location – which removes the need for dedicated specialist IT staff at each remote site.

Through StorMagic SvSAN your customers can reduce server and software spend by at the edge by as much as 40% while improving application performance for end users.

If you’re interested in finding out more about partnering with StorMagic and adding SvSAN to your reseller portfolio, check out our ‘Become a Partner’ page!

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