How to Overcome the High Cost and Pressure of Surveillance Video Retention

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Organizations with surveillance video systems are facing a dilemma: the cost of surveillance video retention is increasing rapidly due to the continual rise in camera counts and the higher quality of video and audio files being produced. Video lifecycle management is also becoming more confusing due to the constantly shifting landscape for compliance laws and minimum retention times.

Companies are struggling to quickly access and search for files when they’re needed, especially on mediums like LTO tape and optical disk (which can take several days to retrieve), causing unnecessary delays in scenarios such as court cases.

Another common cost issue in surveillance video retention is many organizations’ method of choice (if they have a choice) for storage: spinning disks.

Though using spinning disks as the primary method for surveillance video retention and storage does make locating files significantly faster, it cuts heavily into company budgets. As many government regulations require captured footage to be retained for minimum periods, this can lead to organizations feeling like they’ve lost control of spending in this area. Industries like manufacturing, for example, can be hard hit with some having to hold onto video and audio files for up to 99 years for product liability reasons.

What’s becoming increasingly clear is how valuable video lifecycle management and surveillance video retention is for organizations across the board today. This includes their ability to locate captured video data for compliance reasons, and to gain insights and business value from them.

In order to control costs, remain compliant, and get value from surveillance video, businesses today need to adopt a VMS solution that lets them capture, use, and retain it all, for as long as they choose (even forever). They need a system that is active, cost-effective, and can adapt to increasing storage needs from high-quality video and audio files.

Video retention white paper

Our surveillance video retention white paper will allow you to learn first-hand how leveraging an active approach to tiered video storage can allow your business to gain back control over:

  • Video lifecycle management: get your data retention “just right”, so you can store and purge files automatically when needed, and avoid undesirable consequences like cyber-attacks or legal trouble for breaching government regulations.
  • Searchability – no more wasting time searching for surveillance files you need right now. Find what you need in seconds rather than days, even when storing on optical or LTO tape.
  • The cost of storing your surveillance video – get older video off spinning disk and onto lower-cost tape or optical disk
  • Your peace of mind – retain and protect your surveillance video files using immutable LTO tape and optical disk storage, to keep your files safe from loss and corruption caused by malware.
  • Audit trails, digital fingerprints, and full chain-of-custody

For the best practices on surveillance video retention, download the white paper.

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