StorMagic and Spectra Logic Partner to Deliver an End-to-End Active Archive Solution

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StorMagic is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Spectra Logic, an organization dedicated to producing data storage and data management solutions for organizations dealing with exponential data growth.

We’ve joined forces to deliver a complete, fully-integrated active archive solution. This exciting new offering combines StorMagic ARQvault, the industry’s first Active Intelligent Repository, with Spectra BlackPearl NAS and tape libraries, to deliver an end-to-end repository and archive for organizations with video surveillance, digital evidence management and media and entertainment use cases.

Organizations that implement this powerful joint solution are able to gather, store, and find their digital assets using StorMagic ARQvault, and then store that data with Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl NAS or tape libraries, in multiple locations. It enables users to keep data active on all tiers of storage, for quick and easy retrieval, while also taking advantage of lower cost tiers of storage for long-term archiving.

The ARQvault and Spectra video archive solution delivers the following user benefits:

  • Intelligent Tiering: Policy-based tiering automatically moves data to disk, tape or cloud.
  • Integrated Repository: Manage multiple vaults in different locations through a single pane of glass.
  • Best of Performance for Cost: Balance storage performance and cost intelligently, to meet your archive needs.
  • Data Accessibility: Easily search and retrieve data as needed, through staging and restoring.
  • Long-Term Archive: Actively utilize data while simultaneously protecting and preserving it for long-term use.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website for additional information about StorMagic’s partnership with Spectra Logic and how we’re working together. Download a copy of our joint solution brief to find out more about our complete active archive repository for video surveillance, digital evidence management and media & entertainment.

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