IT infrastructure is evolving; the days of having server and storage silos with dedicated specialized teams are over. This is mainly due to server virtualization and the move to “software-defined” for all infrastructure components.

Administrators of the virtual infrastructures need to control all aspects of the environment to ensure server availability and performance. This has spawned a “new” type of infrastructure solution known as “Hyperconverged”.

What is a hyperconverged infrastructure?

A hyperconverged infrastructure is one that combines compute, storage, networking and a hypervisor into a single entity. Adding more nodes to the infrastructure increases compute and/or storage capacity.

These infrastructures have been specifically positioned for the following use cases:

  • Virtual server environments
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI)
  • Test/development
  • DR/Business Continuity
  • Databases
  • Private cloud infrastructures
  • Video surveillance
  • Enterprise Edge/ROBO


Read this white paper to learn which hyperconverged infrastructure is best suited for distributed IT environments.