StorMagic offers professional services, purchased by the hour, half day or full day, and delivered through its Technical Services department.

This team of VCP-certified engineers can provide the services detailed in the table below to enable you and your organization to get up and running with StorMagic software without delay.

Professional services include deployment, configuration of, and knowledge transfer for all StorMagic software products.

These services are typically delivered remotely via Cisco WebEx or MS Teams. On-premises services can be provided, with the customer covering travel expenses.

Each service includes:

  • a scope of work (SOW) and sign off
  • completion of work
  • hand over – technical documentation detailing work completed and the solution configuration for future review.

For more information regarding StorMagic professional services, please contact [email protected]

Service Half day (4 hours) Full day(s) (8 hours) depending on project scope1
Environment sizing assistance Leveraging compute and I/O analytics tools, the Technical Services team can provide guidance around environment sizing for:

SvSAN and virtualization

ARQvault for bare metal or virtualized surveillance VMS storage

Deployment services SvSAN deployment assistance

SvKMS deployment assistance including already documented encryption workflow integrations

SvSAN end-to-end deployment assistance

  • Hardware
  • Networking
  • Virtualization layer, including
    • VMware vSphere,
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • StorMagic 2x node KVM solution stack
  • Shared storage provisioning
  • Migration of existing VMs/application data

ARQvault end-to-end deployment assistance

  • Vault configuration
  • Camera policy configuration
  • Surveillance camera optimization
    • resolution, bandwidth available
  • Video management software/digital evidence management software configuration
    • Integration of ARQvault with existing Video Management Solutions
  • Storage retention/tiering/replication configuration
  • Vault metadata options
  • Video analytics in the form of:
    • Facial recognition,
    • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Migration/import of existing application data
  • Virtualization layer
  • Shared storage provisioning
  • Networking
  • Hardware
Training 1-5 days – ARQvault, SvKMS, SvSAN

Remote-based, instructor-led training including presentations and labs

Automation assistance 5-10 days – ARQvault, SvKMS, SvSAN

  • Automated solution deployment and configuration
  • Automated upgrade of large environments

Includes working with the customer to correctly scope requirements based on their environment, such as naming/IP schema and configuration
Example: A 6000 site retailer in the United States that leveraged StorMagic professional services to deploy 250 sites a week.
This included:

  • Customer physical setup of servers
  • At power-on, and connection to the network, this triggered the automation:
    • adding the hosts to the management platform
    • configuring virtual networking
    • deploying SvSAN VSAs
    • provisioning shared storage
1 NOTE: can be split over multiple days depending on availability/scheduling