Software-Defined Storage

A key component of IT modernization. SvSAN simply works.

SvSAN turns the storage in commodity servers into highly available, shared storage

SvSAN is a software-defined storage solution designed to deliver hyperconverged compute and storage infrastructure with two or more low-cost servers. It is uniquely optimized for cost effective, multi-site data management, enabling continuous, high-speed data access for business-critical applications.

SvSAN eliminates the need for physical SANs, eliminates downtime for business critical applications and lowers IT acquisition and operating cost. SMEs and large organizations in over 60 countries have already chosen SvSAN to modernize their IT infrastructure.

SvSAN can be deployed with ease and the flexibility to scale up and out to meet changing performance and capacity requirements, without impacting service availability.

Remote & Branch Office

Deploy and manage all sites centrally.  Lower costs and avoid outages in all locations, including those that are the hardest to support

End-User Computing

Improve performance and ensure high-availability with the lowest-cost software-defined storage solution for end-user computing

Cloud Service Providers

Enable low-cost, highly available infrastructure. Deliver the efficiency of multi-tenancy with the security of dedicated resources

Industrial IOT

Simplify infrastructure for industrial control and analytic applications and ensure uptime, while enabling the automation of security and application patch management


"We had two locations requiring replication and vMotion and saw StorMagic SvSAN as a cost-effective solution that met our requirements."

Ryan Anderson | Manager, IT | CDS Group of Companies


‘Uptime of our applications and solid performance is essential for what we do. SvSAN... gives great functionality and makes use of the built-in “direct attached storage” – no expensive external SAN or NAS required.’

Charlie Nelson | Zimmerman Capital Group