The New Cisco ISR 4461 and SvSAN

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One of the most exciting trends of networking and computing today is the race to the edge. Increasing capabilities for IoT and the need for high availability of back end systems have made backhauling progressively more difficult. Cisco and StorMagic have come together to provide a leading solution to address the challenges at the edge by combining the ISR 4000 series platform, UCS E-Series, and SvSAN storage.

The Cisco and StorMagic joint solution allows distributed enterprises to benefit from shared storage features, such as workload mobility and application uptime without added hardware or management costs. Customers can also minimize their IT footprint at locations where space is limited with a fully integrated, modular ISR and UCS E-Series combination, which enables SvSAN to deliver highly available storage across edge environments in a compact size.

The E-Series complements SvSAN as a typical two-node deployment that can be managed from the SvSAN plug-in for vSphere and Hyper-V. The virtual storage appliance can also be managed using an interface in a web browser, which requires no additional software; this configuration can be run with or without the witness service. StorMagic’s management tools dramatically simplify provisioning datastores to a running cluster, integrating SvSAN and VMware storage configuration into a single operation.

Ultimately, SvSAN eliminates the need for physical SAN and creates a highly available solution, by eliminating a single point of failure. The application has been designed to be incredibly lightweight, and paired with the small footprint of the E-Series server blades, the Cisco and StorMagic solution is an easy, reliable way to virtualize an edge environment.

You can find out more by downloading the SvSAN and Cisco UCS E-Series solution brief here. You can also get in touch with the StorMagic team here and the Cisco team here if you would like to find out more about deploying the E-Series with SvSAN.

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