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Published On: 25th January 2018//2.1 min read//

Launching the StorMagic Dell EMC HCI Appliances

By Steven Santini, Partner & Alliances Manager at StorMagic

I am very happy to finally see these appliances launched – they were born out of some common challenges that I see resellers and consumers alike face on a day to day basis.

Like many technologies, hyperconvergence started out life as a well-intentioned solution to the modern-day challenges of IT infrastructure. Enabling organisations to move away from the traditional bulky 3-tier architectures of yesteryear, and toward a more affordable, simple and scalable future.

But as is often the case, most HCI technologies were directed/developed to appeal to big wales and have sidelined the millions of fish out there who have the same needs and together hold substantially more value to their business. The reasons could be about money, it could be about brand awareness by landing big brands, or perhaps it’s just as a simple as following the crowd!

Metaphors aside, this has caused the misconception that HCI is too expensive and complex for smaller environments and/or edge computing. These new appliances show that HCI can be deployed into the smallest of environments without breaking the bank and without specialist IT staff.

That’s problem number 1 solved!

Launching the StorMagic Dell EMC HCI Appliances

The StorMagic Dell EMC HCI Appliances

The second is around consumption of technology. A consumer can wait between 2-3 weeks to get pricing for a product/solution and even then, it can often be over-specced or just a bad fit. They make a request with their reseller, who goes to distribution, who goes to the vendor and then just pushes the information back down the line. Often it’s like playing a game of broken telephone.

These appliances are pre-configured, and pricing is pre-agreed with distribution. This means we can share realistic MSRP expectations that are publicly accessible as are the configurations options. This means that consumers and partners spend less time playing admin and more time having real and valuable conversations about the solution and technology.

StorMagic has worked closely with the Dell OEM team and Exertis in the UK to make these appliances a reality. We have also worked with some key partners and customers to validate the designs and the pain points they solve. At the moment these will only be available in the UK&I – but we plan to launch to the wider world very soon.

Find out more by reading our full press release, or ask your reseller to contact the Solutions team at Exertis.

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