StorMagic Expands VMware Ready Partnership with SvKMS Certification and Marketplace Listing

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Under its vSphere 6.5 release, VMware enabled the ability to encrypt VMs for data-at-rest encryption, a tried-and-true data security approach. This capability has continued through vSphere versions 6.7 and 7.0, and is now available for vSAN encryption.

While VMware has made turning on encryption easy, customers require a third-party key management server (KMS) that supports the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) communication standard to take advantage of the encryption capability.

StorMagic’s encryption key management solution, SvKMS, has always been at the forefront of supporting the KMIP standard. It supports the latest version of the KMIP specification and provides a full-featured key manager that can support a multitude of use cases and workflows beyond vSphere encryption, all from one centralized interface.

SvKMS has supported vSphere encryption since the beginning of VMware’s encryption capabilities. It is now officially recognized as a certified KMS on the VMware KMS compatibility matrix, and is also accessible through the VMware Marketplace.

With StorMagic SvKMS, vSphere users have full control of their encryption lifecycle. Whether a user needs one VM encrypted or thousands, SvKMS provides a flexible key manager that’s easy to deploy and manage. It delivers the most advanced KMS features, such as IP whitelisting, policy management, and powerful reporting and authorization methods. SvKMS can either be deployed as a virtual appliance on-premises, or in the cloud as a SaaS service, known as StorMagic Key Management as-a-Service (KMaaS). For more information on how SvKMS integrates with VMware solutions, visit our VMWare integration page. Through this page you can access our comprehensive integration guide and other accompanying resources, as well as the VMware KMS compatibility matrix.

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