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Encryption Key Management for MSPs

The Growing Demand for Encryption 

Organizations around the world are realizing the criticality of protecting and securing their data, and are investing in cybersecurity infrastructure to keep their businesses and customers safe. 

In the last decade, encryption use in organizations has increased from 25% to over 50% today. Encryption key management is vital to a sound encryption strategy and providing it as a service offering to customers is a huge opportunity for MSPs. 

Introducing, StorMagic SvKMS for MSPs

MSPs share several common pain points when it comes to maintaining IT services and applications for their customers, as well as managing and growing their own businesses. 

  • Commoditization
  • Data breaches
  • New entrants to the market
  • Cloud adoption
  • Complex service to deliver and manage

These pain points are eliminated by StorMagic’s MSP Program. The Program enables service providers to integrate StorMagic SvKMS into their suite of services to build and deliver differentiated data security solutions to their customers. This unique, high-margin security offering supports any use-case and workflow, and is delivered to customers using any combination of cloud, multi-cloud and on-premises encryption.

Download the StorMagic SvKMS MSP data sheet:

SvKMS MSP data sheet

Why SvKMS for MSPs

StorMagic SvKMS is the only key management service that supports any encryption use-case. Its advanced capabilities and features make it a cutting-edge technology and its multi-tenanted design makes it the perfect platform for MSPs to deliver encryption key management to their customers. It also helps MSPs open up multiple revenue opportunities by providing key management that adapts to a variety of workflows, and it easily scales to meet growing demands. SvKMS is easy to set up and deploy, and its reporting, authorization, and insights features make administration effortless. 

Expand Your Business:

  • Multiple Revenue Opportunities: Support any encryption use case or workflow (cloud, multi-cloud, or on-prem). 
  • Adaptive Scalability: Easily scale to bring on more customers, add in capacity, or build in multiple layers of redundancy.
  • Usage-based Pricing: Purchase keys to be used across any number of tenancies through our simple pricing model. 

Differentiated Data Security:

  • Any Use Case, Any Workflow: SvKMS supports any encryption use-case and works within any location, from edge to core.
  • Advanced Key Management Capabilities: KMIP support, cryptographic operators, key management lifecycle operations, and more.
  • Meet Specific Compliance: SvKMS meets several industry-wide compliance regulations and standards, including HIPPA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and SOX. 

Simple & Flexible:

  • Multi-Tenanted Design: Deliver key management to all of your customers, all through a single platform.
  • Maximum Flexibility: Run key management services in your datacenter or cloud and easily add and remove customers.
  • Effortless Administration: Proactive insights and powerful reporting / authorization capabilities make administering key management easy. 

How to Join the Program

Interested in joining the StorMagic MSP program? Follow the steps below to get started with SvKMS today. 

  1. Register to join the StorMagic Channel Program through our Partner Portal.
  2. Once your application to join the Portal is approved, login and complete your onboarding training.
  3. Acquire the SvKMS license by contacting your StorMagic representative or emailing [email protected].

Download the StorMagic SvKMS MSP data sheet:


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