Standard vs Advanced

Make the right choice for your business

Advanced Edition for maximum flexibility, efficiency and performance

SvSAN is available in two versions, Standard and Advanced, and in multiple capacity increments of 2TB, 6TB, 12TB and Unlimited TB.

Standard Edition includes everything that you need in a software-defined storage solution to configure for the lowest-cost, high-availability infrastructure.

Advanced Edition provides highly-sophisticated memory caching and intelligent data auto-tiering, to unleash the full power of memory and hybrid disk configurations.

Features Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Synchronous Mirroring/High-Availability
Stretched/Metro Cluster Support
Volume Migration
VSA Restore (VMware ONLY)
VMware vSphere Storage API (VAAI) Support
Centralized management and monitoring
Remote shared quorum
I/O Performance statistics
Multiple VSA GUI deployment & upgrade
PowerShell Shell script generation
SSD Caching
Memory-based caching - data pinning mode
Intelligent automated tiering

Compare your Alternatives?

Every viable solution to prevent split brain requires a remote witness or neutral storage host. What sets StorMagic apart is:


Witness Nodes

SvSAN requires 1 remote witness for up to 1,000 sites. Alternative solutions require 1 for each site


Witness Memory

SvSAN requires 512MBs per remote witness. Alternative solutions require up to 8GBs per witness, with 1,000 sites that’s 16,000 times more memory


Witness Bandwidth

SvSAN requires 9Kbps per mirrored data store. Alternatives require up to 1.5Mbps


Witness Latency

SvSAN remote witness can tolerate latencies up to 3000ms; alternatives 500ms. The witness can be anywhere in the world


Host Memory

SvSAN requires 2GB per host when using SSD caching. Alternatives require 32GB per host

“SvSAN allows us to switch between features without downtime and keep our data secure at all times. Compared to other solutions, SvSAN is more cost-effective to deploy and easier to manage.”

Torben Wolf | Team Leader Inside Sales | Com-Sys

The German Army needed military-grade, highly available storage for mobile units, supporting operational control and battlefield communications during training exercises and missions. The Army chose SvSAN, which they said was the only solution on the market that fit their needs.

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