StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Using the SvSAN Plugin with vSphere & vCenter

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Welcome back to the StorMagic “How-To” video series!

Here at StorMagic we’re producing training videos for our customers and partners, to show how to perform certain actions in the setup, configuration, and general operation of our software products (SvSAN, SvKMS, ARQvault).

Led by Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, Steve Bettison, the next set of videos continues to focus on tutorials for SvSAN — our virtual SAN solution.

Past videos we’ve covered on our blog include:

Read on to learn more about the next set of SvSAN training videos in our “How-To” series.

How to Deploy a VSA via the StorMagic vSphere Plugin

The next video in our SvSAN “How-To” training series covers how to deploy a VSA via the StorMagic vSphere plugin. In this video, Steve provides step-by-step instructions for deploying a VSA to an ESXi host in a two-node cluster, using the StorMagic plugin. He demonstrates this process within the demo lab, using both SvSAN and VMware software.


How to Upgrade the StorMagic Plugin in vCenter

Looking to upgrade your StorMagic plugin in vCenter? Not to worry, in this next video, Steve explains the simple process for doing so. He takes a close look at SvSAN on VMware, focusing on the plugin, and demonstrates the steps for upgrading that plugin from 6.2 U5 P2 to 6.2 U5 P3.


How to Forward SvSAN VSA Alerts to vCenter

Up next, Steve demonstrates how to get alerts from your virtual storage appliance (VSA) to VMware’s vCenter. There are several different ways to set up alerts (i.e. SNMP, emails notifications, sending alerts to your servers). In this video, Steve looks at SvSAN on VMware within our demo lab, and explains specifically how to forward alerts to the vCenter. He then tests the alerts, to show viewers what they will look like when they are triggered.

Stay tuned for additional blogs from our ‘How-To’ training series. You can access the entire series of SvSAN ‘How-To’ videos on our YouTube playlist. To learn more about our partnership and joint solutions with VMware, visit our website.

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