6 Reasons To Use Virtual Storage Appliances For Your Branch Offices

Published On: 8th February 2018//2.5 min read//

In this blog, we’ll discuss six reasons why you should consider implementing virtual storage appliances (VSAs), sometimes also known as virtual SANs, across your branch office sites.

1) VSAs Provide Cost-Effective Shared Storage

Virtual storage appliances are extremely cost-effective – not only from a point of sale aspect, but also from the perspective of daily operations. It’s easy to see where a VSA saves you money on initial purchase, especially in comparison to a physical SAN. However, a VSA also continues to provide great ‘bang for your buck’ over time.

A VSA doesn’t depreciate in value like physical hardware, consumes far less power and cooling resource and isn’t prone to expensive routine maintenance and upgrades. Supported VSA customers can keep with the times with just a few, simple clicks of the mouse

2) VSAs Reduce Downtime

A physical SAN or NAS acts as a single point of failure. If it goes down, your data is unavailable until it is brought back online. Depending on the ability of your available staff, this may take hours or often even days in multi-site retail environments.

A Virtual storage appliance, such as SvSAN, mirrors data over two server nodes. This allows for a node to fail without the business losing access to the critical data as the second node remains online. A solution like SvSAN can be managed centrally, enabling IT administrators to get any downed infrastructure back online quickly.

3) VSAs Leverage the Benefits of High Availability

VSAs unlock the real benefits of true business continuity. High availability, achieved by mirroring data between two servers, ensures that your business-critical information is always available, and that you get the most out of your environments.

4) VSAs Enable You to Scale Performance and Capacity as Needs Grow

Virtual storage appliances leverage existing server capacity and resources for mirroring, and enable easy scaling of hardware as required. Storage capacity in each server can be scaled up by adding or upgrading drives non-disruptively, while compute performance can be scaled out by introducing additional processing power, or even adding entire compute-only nodes to the environment. Further information is available in this scaling white paper.

5) With VSAs, You Can Share Datastores Across Clustered Servers

By utilizing VSAs, datastores can be made readily available to any servers in the cluster, making data more easily accessible to users.

6) VSAs Don’t Require Specialized Training

VSAs are simple. They do not require any specialist training or staff, meaning that any IT professional can quickly and easily learn how to use the technology. As a result, edge, remote, and branch office environments and SMBs no longer need to hire additional IT staff for every location.

Learn more about StorMagic’s virtual storage appliance, SvSAN by checking out our product overview page. View our product data sheet for additional information on how SvSAN provides branch offices with affordable, highly available, software-defined storage.

Take a look at the following case studies to see how branch office customers are saving money and reducing downtime with SvSAN out in the field:

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