New White Paper: 6 Technology Trends that Improve Data Security for Any Cloud

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The popularity of cloud computing continues to grow, with many of today’s businesses moving their data and applications from traditional datacenters to the cloud. In fact, Gartner analysts estimate the worldwide cloud services market to be $258 billion in 2020, and grow to $513 billion by 2024. While the cloud offers many benefits to organizations, including flexibility and cost savings, there is one primary concern that it raises: data security.

Securing data in the cloud can be difficult, as it can be more risky and complex; increasingly so for edge and small datacenter locations, and with more people now working remotely due to the coronavirus. So, how can you improve your data security in the cloud?

We’ve published a new white paper on our website, “6 Technology Trends That Improve Data Security for Any Cloud.” Discover how to better protect your cloud data, through the following:

  1. Manage identity and access with zero trust
  2. Leverage BYOK with SaaS applications
  3. Extend BYOK with HSM integrations for cloud services
  4. Implement Google Cloud External Key Management Program
  5. Investigate Confidential Computing for data-in-use
  6. Control Windows BitLocker keys with external key managers

As more data and applications span multiple environments — from on-premises to public cloud to edge — it’s important to have proper data security protocols in place to ensure your assets are fully protected.

We encourage you to check out our new white paper, to learn more about the technology trends that could secure your cloud data and keep your organization safe.

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