It’s a Forever Data World. Companies Need a Forever Data Strategy.

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There is an explosion of data being created by organizations at the edge. Not only do these businesses have dozens to thousands of sites that are contributing to their data growth, but they are also collecting data from a variety of sources (i.e. IoT, video, employees, processes). This data must be managed in a unique way, as edge locations often lack traditional infrastructures.

Data at and from the edge is what StorMagic refers to as forever data. It is forever being created and utilized, and must be protected and managed, perhaps forever.

Forever Data Strategies 

Organizations dealing with forever data need to develop strategies to manage their data at the edge. These strategies consist of unique processes and tools to help businesses store, protect, and use their edge data. They also enable organizations to take advantage and extract value from their forever data.

Not all of the data being created at the edge is valuable. Therefore, categorization and organization have become important components to successful edge data usage, and are important to a successful forever data strategy. Also important to consider is what type of data an organization is producing and how that data is processed, shared, and stored. When thinking about their forever data needs and strategies, organizations should ask questions about types, volumes, and usage of data, costs of moving data, the lifecycle of data from the edge, and more.

The concept of forever data is applicable across almost all industries and application types. As data expands at the edge, the ability to store, protect, and use that data for organizational benefit is the goal of a forever data strategy, and the goal of many organizations around the globe.

StorMagic and Forever Data

StorMagic is focused on forever data and our Forever Data solutions ensure data is always protected and available, no matter the type or location, enabling organizations to unlock value anytime, anywhere.

Here’s how our solutions fit into the forever data equation:

  • StorMagic SvSAN: Many business-critical applications run at the edge and any disruptions have negative consequences. Therefore, high availability at the edge is a requirement of a forever data strategy. StorMagic SvSAN creates highly available storage across two nodes or more. It enables high availability by eliminating single points of failure and ensuring there is no downtime or disruption to service in the organization.
  • StorMagic SvKMS (and SvSAN): Security for data at and from the edge is another requirement of a forever data strategy. Customer and organizational data must be secured and protected in addition to being available. SvSAN’s data encryption feature provides a simple and inexpensive way to protect sensitive data at the edge. Paired with StorMagic SvKMS, a powerful encryption key management solution, organizations are able to implement superior data protection that adapts to any environment, at a surprisingly low cost.
  • StorMagic ARQvault: Having data in the right place at the right time is an important part of a forever data strategy. Unstructured data can be particularly challenging to manage and use. StorMagic ARQvault excels at putting unstructured data in the right place, and keeps edge data actively available (and affordable) to retain and use, and provides fast, intelligent search and analysis capabilities.

Interested in learning more? Visit the StorMagic website and download our Forever Data Overview to learn more about forever data and StorMagic’s Forever Data Solutions.

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