The Launch of SvSAN with Data Encryption

Published On: 4th April 2018//1.3 min read//

Data security is a hot topic, it seems like new stories of data breaches and ransomware are being reported every week. Regulations like GDPR are being put in place to force companies to take more care than ever to use people’s information responsibly. One area of data security that is often overlooked is encrypting data when it gets stored on disk drives. Enterprise datacenters may have figured this out, but it can be cost-prohibitive to implement data encryption at smaller, edge locations.

Today, we announced SvSAN 6.2, which offers FIPS 140-2 compliant data encryption that is 85% less expensive than other solutions available. Our software-based solution encrypts data before it’s written to disk and means that you do not need expensive operating system or hypervisor-level encryption solutions. You can also stop worrying about data destruction techniques (like data scrubbing or degaussing) before you dispose of failed or obsolete disk drives. Encrypting data at the storage level gives you complete peace of mind regarding the security of your stored data.

SvSAN with Data Encryption works with any third party key manager (as long as they support KMIP) and is simple to install and manage. Our new software is slashing the cost of data encryption, which 85% less expensive than other competitive solutions. The end result is that you’ll get robust, FIPS 140-2 compliant data security that will meet many regulations – like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS & SOX.

Find out more about SvSAN with Data Encryption (SvSAN 6.2) and how it can be used to protect your edge environment.

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