Enterprise Key Management Solutions

Enabling enterprise-level security with the most flexible key manager available

Enterprise key management, anywhere

SvKMS gives enterprises a new, modern way to protect against costly data breaches. With quick and easy deployment in any cloud and hypervisor, multi-tenant capabilities, custom key import, REST API and KMIP customization, no other key manager is as flexible as SvKMS.

It is this flexibility that gives SvKMS customers the benefit of effortless administration and the lowest price for modern key management.

The last key management solution you’ll ever need

SvKMS provides innovative key management solutions for multiple use cases, even as the volume and complexity of your data encryption increases. It comes down to customization, interoperability and scalability using a powerful REST API and advanced KMIP server support. This helps enterprises customize, unify and automate siloed infrastructure across all areas of the KMS lifecycle with easy-to-use, futureproof key management.

Managed Service Providers

SvKMS enables MSPs to deliver differentiated data security

Storage and Databases

Enable encryption across Storage and Database environments.


Deploy onto hardware platforms, e.g. switches, network cards, IoT devices.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet strict encryption and industry regulatory guidelines.