Centralized monitoring of the entire SvSAN storage infrastructure


Managing a distributed virtualized infrastructure can often prove complex, inefficient and costly. Many organizations have deployed Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 to deliver a comprehensive monitoring capability for virtualized server environments.

StorMagic has developed a Management pack and storage management provider (SMP) for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

These extend the capabilities of Operations Manager, providing real-time monitoring for all the SvSAN storage that supports the virtual server environment. The SMP collects SvSAN health status information and presents it in real-time to a centralized single pane of glass console, enabling operators to quickly and at-a-glance, determine the overall state of the SvSAN storage infrastructure. SvSAN alerts are displayed according to their severity (critical, warning, informational) allowing issues to be easily identified, prioritized, and resolved in an efficient and timely manner.



The key benefits of the SvSAN management pack for System Center Operations Manager are:
• Centralized health and status monitoring of the whole SvSAN storage infrastructure
• Single pane of glass monitoring solution, using an industry standard monitoring tool
• Quickly and simply displays the overall health state of the SvSAN storage infrastructure
• Real-time alerting/monitoring, ensuring problems are addressed in a timely manner
• Simplifies problem identification and troubleshooting


The SvSAN Management Pack and Storage Management Provider deliver the following features:

Alerting – SvSAN VSA alerts and events are forwarded and displayed within the System Center Operations Management Console, this occurs when VSAs or targets enter an error or new system state, including:
• VSA startup and shutdown
• Un-configured VSA
• Unlicensed VSA
• VSA in maintenance mode
• VSA Network interface state
• Link up/Link down
• VSA journal drive failure
• NSH offline
• Storage failures
• Mirror state changes
• Synchronized, unsynchronized & re-synchronizing
• Cache failures


Multi-site support – The SvSAN management pack and storage management provider are scalable, capable of supporting environments with thousands of VSAs and targets located at multiple distributed locations.

Simple installation – The Management pack is simple to install with no additional configuration necessary.

Automatic VSA discovery – Discovery of VSAs and targets is automatic and provides detailed VSA and target information, such as:

VSA information
• Name
• Overall status
• Firmware (SvSAN) version
• Network configuration details
Target information
• Display name
• Status
• Disk size
• IQN details
• Isolation policy
• Mirror plex details
• Session information



The SvSAN Management Pack and Storage Management Provider for System Center Operations Manager requires:
• StorMagic SvSAN VSAs to be at version 5.2 or higher
• Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2
• Installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2